Then and Now

This afternoon my dad and I went to the storage unit where most of my stuff is packet away to retrieve a few things. One of those things was my high school prom dress. We only brought it back because it was stored away in a suitcase my mom needs and instead of immediately packing it into another container I decided to bring it home to try on.

I’m as proud now of my craftsmanship (I designed and made it) as I was back then but it is now many sizes too large. When I gathered the extra fabric behind my back, creating the illusion that it still fit, I thought it looks better on me now than it did when I last wore it my junior year of college when it still fit. After I changed back into regular clothes I measured the waistline of my dress and my own waist. There is now a 10” difference.

Trying on that dress was a nice reminder that even though I’m a size or two bigger than I was this time last year, I’m still much smaller than I was the majority of my life. All of the clothes in my closet that are currently too small aren’t a reminder of my failure, they’re a reminder that I have a lot more discipline and self-control than I’ve been utilizing lately.

* Don’t be fooled by the optical illusion created by the seam on my side and shadow behind it in my old prom picture.

** Now, I’m sure this has you wondering how Weight Watchers Online has been going over the last month and a half. I’ll let you know in more detail soon. I will say that so far I’ve been liking it but the holidays, plus adjusting to being back in the midwest, haven’t allowed me to be wildly successful besides keeping off weight gain. Which I do count as a success during the holidays and especially during my stay with Jon and Christa. For numerous reasons, I am finding it helpful and enjoyable but, like I said, more on that later.

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