Thinking Christianity in the Present Tense: The Politics of Discipleship

Saturday night Logan dragged me back to my alma matter, Cornerstone University, for an Open Mic Night. With the exception of a brief visit I made to chat with an old friend two years, I hadn’t been back since graduation. I was a little reluctant to return that night but Logan was persistent, plus I wanted to meet a friend of his who was going to be there.

I was impressed and surprised by the beautiful renovation of the cafeteria and Student Development office since I’ve left. Mostly I was surprised by how it still felt a little bit like home. Though the campus and I have both changed, we have a shared history. I couldn’t help texting some of my old college friends, telling them where I was and how it has changed (and hasn’t). Meeting some of the new students was much more enjoyable than I expected (Grand Rapids really has become the place to meet good looking, quality Christian guys-too bad they’re all too young!).

That evening has left me excited for the inaugural Philosophy Conference that will be hosted there in April titled “Thinking Christianity in the Present Tense: The Politics of Discipleship.” I’ve been asked to submit a paper. I’ll be writing about Discipleship and Economics, expanding on some of the ideas that I shared with you all in my posts “Moving Beyond Disgust: How to Fight the Man.” If you’re interested in the subject, I encourage you to submit your own paper or attend. For more information, click on the poster below.

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