How to Throw a Stellar Dance Party…in Your Bedroom

The last two entries have been kinda heavy. So, it is time for something lighthearted. What’s more lighthearted than dancing?

Like most women my age, or at least most cool women my age, I love to dance. But going out can be…challenging. For starters, all women know you shouldn’t go out without a wing woman. Having a wing woman both helps you keep creeps away and keeps you from looking desperate. But all my female friends live at least 45 minutes away and my car takes premium so…it takes a special occasion to motivate me out in their direction. Plus, most of my friends just aren’t as cool as me (i.e. they don’t like to dance as much). So getting them to go out with me can be tough and, once out, getting them to join me on a dance floor can be even harder.

Then, truth be told, I can be picky about the music. I don’t know about anyone else but I only like to dance to the best pop, hip-hop and techno from the 90s til now. When you go out you’ve got to suffer through the good and the bad and the boring. Also, clubs tend to be unpredictable. Some nights one place is the hot spot, the next night it’s another place. You’ve really got to hunt around for the best dancing environment. What a hassle!

Whether you’re with a friend or not, there is no way to completely avoid having a creep or two grind on you. While I do tend to be better at getting rid of unwanted attention on a dance floor than off it (tip: all you’ve got to do is pull out a few moves from your ska concert days and he’ll quickly back off), sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to be physically accosted by a stranger. All guys on a dance floor seem to believe they’ll be getting lucky that night, so they’re so much more forward and awkward. (Once had a guy lick my ear after whispering something really lewd-yuck! my skin still crawls when I think about it).

All in all, the stars have to be perfectly aligned for me to go out dancing. But I get the urge to dance all the time. There is a simple solution: dance party in your bedroom. All you need is a good playlist, a strobe light (or other cool lighting) and you’re golden. The dresscode is up to you. You can look as hot or ridiculous as you like (80s workout gear anyone?). Then you just turn on your music, shut off the lights and get your strobe light going. Maybe at first you feel a little awkward? Play a good dance video on YouTube. How can you not join along with LMFAO? You’ll be dancing like a star in no time.

Yeah, sure, you might feel a little lame for the first five minutes or so but soon you’ll be so into it you won’t care. And, guess what? You’re getting an awesome workout. Who needs to run when you can dance? You don’t have to worry about looking cool either (though, I’m sure you do). Just dance your heart out.

There you go. Now you’ve had an awesome dance party in your bedroom. Of course, eventually you’ll have to motivate a friend to actually go out with you so you can showcase all your awesome moves. But, till that day, you’ll be much happier.

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