A Few Dizzying Days

Jonathan Safran Foer via CNN

Soon-ish, I will be leaving for Grand Rapids. Along with the Philosophy Conference at Cornerstone University this Friday and Saturday, Calvin College (just up the road) is hosting their bi-annual Festival of Faith & Writing. It began this morning. Logan is attending all of it but I’m just going to stop by tonight for one of the few public events to hear Jonathan Safran Foer speak.

Foer’s book Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close has stuck with me since I read it last year. I actually wrote him a letter (this is the only time I’ve ever done that) and I’ve recommended it or mentioned it to I don’t know how many people. It is a devastatingly sad book ultimately about three people who are trying but failing to live in a way other than grieving. Though I’ve yet to see the film, I’m glad one was made because I assume Hollywood has given his story a better ending. A more hopeful ending. The characters deserve this. I appreciate that Hollywood does it but I’m also learning to be satisfied with unsatisfying endings. Not all stories can resolve.

I am looking forward to hearing Foer speak, even if it doesn’t happen to be particularly wow-ing. Writers are really the only kind of celebrities I’m actively interested in experiencing (though not all of them, watching one of Slavoj Zizek’s documentaries nearly ruined his writing for him). If it’s interesting, I promise I’ll tell you all about it.

Considering the hectic-ness of the next few days (Sunday, on my way home, I have  a sewing party to attend with some friends I haven’t seen in a few years), you won’t be hearing from me again until Monday. When I return it will be with oodles of interesting ideas I’ve picked up or conversations I’ve had or reflections that have been sparked during these dizzying days. Until then…ta ta.

If you have a Twitter, feel free to keep up with me as I give you little live updates @LindseyReneeGc.

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