The Blazer

So there was a personal victory from the weekend of the conference that I neglected to mention. This one has nothing to do with philosophy; it has to do with a blazer.

Long before the conference I knew exactly what I had to wear: my lucky blazer. Okay, I don’t exactly believe the blazer is lucky but it may as well be. It feels so comfortable and looks so good on me that I inevitably have a good day in it. I bought it two summers ago, just before my interview with Cliff. It was the first (and maybe only) single item I’ve ever spent more than $100 on. It has been worth it. I credit it with landing that job and two other ones since.

Usually blazers aren’t my thing. Most just look boxy and blah on me. This one is a whole other story. It makes me look like a million bucks. Did I mention the fabric? It hasn’t faded at all in two years or lost its shape and it’s lined with the softest black material. There really was no other option.

There was only one snag in my plan, when I tried it on the Sunday before it didn’t quite fit. Well…it fit more like a corset than a jacket. I’ve only been able to pull off wearing it this last while by leaving it unbuttoned over a certain blouse. That just wouldn’t do for the conference. That blouse is shiny and way too froufrou-y for an intellectual, male-centric event. Plus, it doesn’t quite capture the image I wanted for that day.

It’s my personal goal that I be that woman at the philosophy conference that every man leaves a little in love with. Just a little. Of course, they’ll still go home to the girl content to let them do all the philosophical reading (oh, does that come off as a little embittered? oops). Maybe I should say that I aim to be like Dagny at her first ball, threateningly feminine. I feel I do a pretty good job of accomplishing this in 4 inch wedged boots, skinny jeans, a simple blouse in my signature color and my lucky blazer. But the blazer has to fit for it to be successful.

So, for the first time in my life, I joined ranks with all the other women that diet like crazy before a special event. As the result of lots and lots of salads and a few intense workouts, I reached my goal. I lost 6 pounds in a week. When I put on my blazer Saturday, I asked Logan, “Does this fit?”

He said, “Yes. It’s actually really flattering. It does what that one vest did.” (That last part was a subtle way of saying I looked buxom, which is quite the impressive optical illusion since I’m in fact pretty flat chested). Goal accomplished.

Of course, I can’t know what the men at the conference thought. Frankly, that doesn’t matter. It wasn’t really about them. I felt fiercely feminine and that’s what I needed to feel at ease presenting my ideas.

(and I’m proud to say that a week later it still fits and I’m slimming further)

2 thoughts on “The Blazer

  1. Powerfully feminine–I love that idea. That is how I try to dress at school. Not provacatively or sexy but feminine and powerful. I love my high heels and my flattering dress clothes as much as I love the feeling of unwinding in work out clothes. I agree with this article because I often have days where the only thing that keeps me going is that feeling of “Dang I look good so I can teach good!”

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