Facing Facts

Okay, it’s time for me to come out and say it: For the time being, I really can’t manage more than one or two blogs a week. Alright, you’ve probably figured this out but I’ve been in denial. I’d like to make writing for all of you a bigger priority. I’d like to stretch my mind and writing to new heights but that’s just not possible right now.

Presently there are three loud thoughts crowding out nearly anything else:

  1. Ugh! Fashion this season is utterly lackluster! – I know, so shallow of me, but over the weekend (during a four hour commute down to my sister’s and then back up), I caught up on all the fashion magazines that have been piling up in my room. So disappointing! It’s driven me to try to hunt out more inspiring fashion from this season and…I’m not finding it. 2013 Resort collection = blah!
  2. I need to get more clients! – Two of the projects I’ve been working on for different clients are wrapping up and I’d like to replace them with one or two more steady clients who need web copy from me. So the hunt has begun in the midst of a very full week working food demos.
  3. I can’t wait for my birthday!! – In just 9 days I’ll be turning 25 and celebrating  with Logan in Grand Rapids. Time is simply not passing fast enough. I’m dreadfully impatient!

Shallow and surface-y as these thoughts are, they’re being incredibly distracting. Especially the last two. Mostly the last two.

Usually the approach of my birthday prompts an entry about aging or some new year reflections, I’ve been looking ahead to this birthday for so long I’ve exhausted all of that. Though I had a little angst about entering my mid-twenties, it has all but subsided.

Now I’m just impatient and excited. Especially since it’s been like two months since I’ve seen Logan, which is entirely too long a time. Alongside that mounting anticipating, I’m looking forward to my joint birthday celebration with Nichelle in mid-July. This week we’ve been making reservations and I’ve got to send out official invitations to our close female friends from college…We’re both about as giddy as children though much better at planning.

As a result, I & Thou, Martin Buber’s book, has taken the backburner yet again. As has re-reading Gilead. For a while now I’ve been intending to write my response to  Rachel Held Evan’s Is patriarchy really God’s dream for the world? And share with you some reflections on love sparked by I & Thou. But I haven’t had the time or focus. Hopefully I’ll at least get to share a fun story with you soon. We’ll see.

July truly can’t get here soon enough!

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