Short Days & Shorter Weeks

Can you believe July is almost over?  These long days have felt so short and the weeks seem to be over almost as soon as they’ve begun! Maybe it’s just me. I haven’t been able to stay put for more than a few days. I feel sort of like I’ve been on vacation for a month even though I’ve been fitting freelance writing jobs and demoing into my hectic schedule.

Where all have I been? Nowhere too far. Here’s the order of my wanderings: Grand Rapids, Lansing, Dayton, Grand Rapids again, Lansing again, a lake somewhere past Claire, and Chicago. With the exception of my week in Dayton helping out my sister and her husband, all of my trips have been to see friends. The last four trips were all with my old roommate (and one of my best friends) Nichelle. She’s been up here from New Mexico visiting friends and extended family.

Last night I got back from what should be the last trip for the month. Tuesday, after having left Nichelle to spend a week alone with her extended family, I picked her up from Comstock Park, MI and we drove out to Chicago. We hung out with our friend and former roommate Tracy for a day before I left her to board a plane headed back to the southwest.

During my drive home all the accumulating exhaustion from these mini-vacations and day trips caught up with me. I walked up the steps to my apartment feeling like I was full of lead. I fell asleep insanely early and slept for something like 10 hours.

For the rest of the month, I’m committing to stay put entirely. (I know, not a very long commitment but in early August I may be making another trip out to Dayton so I can’t make a longer commitment).  Though I’ve got quite a bit of freelance work piling up now, I’d like to commit to start writing for you all more frequently again. I feel like I’ve been letting you all down for months.

My hope is always to give you quality thoughtful or silly posts. So often I don’t feel like I have the time but, I think if I commit more to you, I can fit some spare space in my schedule to share with you more often. The truth is that I’m composing posts in my head for you all the time about…well…everything. All these backlogged blog posts are building up and begging to be shared. So look forward to hearing more from me soon on the most mundane to meaningful of topics.

Tracy, Nichelle and I just before saying goodbye.

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