The Worst & Best Weight Loss Advice

Since the week began I’ve been swamped writing ghost/guest blogs about guitars (somewhat fascinating), and informative little articles about plastic surgery (kinda repulsive) along with different types of neck and throat surgeries (totally gross!). All the while, in my head, I’ve been composing a list of potential blog posts on weight loss related topics for a different client. It’s put me in the mood to return to this topic with you.

One thing my client doesn’t know is how near and dear this subject actually is to my heart. For my clients, I only write in the third person. I’ve yet to feel like letting this one know how glad I am to be encouraging and influencing others as they try to lose weight like myself.

Sometimes I wonder if he can tell this topic is personal for me in how obviously biased I am about certain things. Like when I had to write an article on running vs. walking. I came down hard on the side of walking (until you’re fit enough, running can be the absolute worst choice for you even though it burns more calories faster). Or how much I emphasized, in numerous articles, that the goal should be to eat well just 80% of the time (doctors quoted on webMD totally back me up here).

No matter how much weight I’ve lost and will lose, at heart I’ll always be a fat kid. I think I’ll always cringe at the word obesity. I’ll always be annoyed when people say it’s easy to lose weight or act like being fat is some sort of conscious choice people make. I’ll always be sad when women can’t see their beauty because of their obesity. It will continue to outrage me that heavy people in films and TV are characterized so often as having completely repulsive, weird habits (which is such bull crap, I know lots of heavy people in the Midwest who don’t eat or act that much different/worse than their non-heavy Midwestern friends). And I’ll always have strong opinions about weight loss advice (the more I research for these jobs I’m getting the more I’m finding).

I have to admit that some of my opinions are kinda harsh. Like: If you have never been fat (and I mean overweight by 30+ pounds and not when you were in middle school or drinking too much in college and you just needed to cut down on the booze and pizza), don’t give anyone weight loss advice unless you are a health educator or doctor. Never say the words “losing weight is easy” unless you have first qualified them by saying “for me.” And do not suggest to anyone who is significantly overweight that they should just up and start running (do you know how hard that is on your joints? especially when you have extra weight on you? did you know that intense workouts can actually sabotage weight loss because they increase your hunger? and people who are trying to eat better and less are already hungry enough). Those are probably the top ones on my list.

While our country seems to be in this craze to cut down on obesity, all over the place I see how so many of the efforts out there are just making it harder for heavy people. Things I see posted on pinterest almost every day irk me in this way. A lot of the advice out there is just awful.

There is so much out there that makes it seem like being a complete nutrition and fitness nut is the best way to lose weight when, in fact, it’s one of the surest ways to drive someone back to their old habits. ‘Cause, for starter, it’s an exhausting way to live and it’s asking fat people to be someone they aren’t. Someone who obviously doesn’t appreciate absolutely delicious food enough because they can just turn their back on it. And someone who clearly can’t sit still (we fat kids tend to be kinda zen-ish, it’s not a terrible thing).

On top of all the psycho-healthy crap out there, you can also find so many lose-weight-quick-and-easy fads. The Dr. Oz Show is especially guilty for filling people’s heads with deceptive supplement ideas (he did a segment on the supplement I’ve been writing for and through all my research I proved almost everything he said wrong-sure, the supplement can help people lose weight but not quickly and not without work as he promised). Everything on his show is a ‘miracle’ that’ll just melt the pounds away without work, the only thing that can do that is liposonix or nonsurgical liposuction (which is totally disgusting if you ask me and I don’t think it can melt away that much fat).

The best weight loss advice anyone can give you is that you should start moving more (walking, biking, even just pacing and taking the stairs), strive to eat a more moderate, balanced diet most of the time and have patience. Losing weight takes time. And it’s hard.

It’s hard because while everyone around is eating normal, you have to eat better. It’s hard because sometimes you have to satisfy your cravings by chewing gum or drinking water instead of munching on a cookie. It’s hard because 98% of the people around you don’t get it and push food into your face you want to eat but shouldn’t. It’s hard because even when you’re doing great and eating super well your body will rebel and just won’t seem to let go of any of the extra weight it’s carrying. It’s hard because, even when you’re dropping pounds like crazy, you keep becoming more and more aware of how much more you have to lose and it just feels like you’ll never get there.

When it gets so hard you want to completely give up, you have to take a deep breath and celebrate your victories. Sometimes you even have to take a break and only focus on maintaining. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that because learning to maintain your weight loss is just as important as losing the weight.

The more articles I read about weight loss, the more counter-productive pins I see on pinterest, the more passionate I am about sharing my perspective and voicing some of these truths.

One thought on “The Worst & Best Weight Loss Advice

  1. Oo! Fascinating! It sounds like you’re learning so much from these writing jobs! And I want to hear more about your guitar-writing. Do you have a link to the site? Would love to read it!

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