Catching Up

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for nearly a week! I promise it won’t happen again (at least not any time soon). Between the holiday weekend (which included house sitting + dog sitting that little cutie below) and the start of a new month, I’ve been a little distracted.

Yesterday was my first chance to return to my usual rhythm. Instead of working on projects or writing for you, I had to cozy up with my calendar and an excel spread sheet to figure out my schedule for the month. With big gaps in my work calendar that need to be filled with new jobs and a trip to NYC at the end of the month that I’ve got to nail down plans for, I had a busy day composing emails.

As a freelancer, the hunt for work is almost never over. I have few clients like Frank who consistently give me work each month. Usually, once a job is done it’s done. The client may come back in the future but I can’t count on consistency. Diversifying is also the best way to ensure that I’ll never be too dependent on just one client. I’m beginning to developing a nice system of using the first two weeks of the month to look for new clients but, obviously, I got a latter start this month. I did my best to make up for that yesterday.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a stock pile of ideas waiting to be converted to posts. Very soon, you’ll get more substance from me. I’ve just got to switch back into a more creative mode.

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