My Autumn Mood Boards

My Autumn Mood Board

The weather this year has been perfectly in tune with the seasons. July was ideally hot and dry (which was awful for crops but great for those of us who hate mosquitos and love long, dry summer days). As soon as August began, you could feel fall in the cool mornings and mild evenings but there were still enough blazing days to maintain your tan. Now that it’s September, fall has fully set in. Trees are beginning to change and it’s consistently cool enough for a light jacket or sweater.

The perfect fall weather has had me in the mood for school supplies. I couldn’t resist buying some on a recent trip to Target. My best buys were these two cork boards. Last week, I might have wasted an afternoon sifting through magazines for images to be the backdrops for these boards.

I’m so pleased with how they turned out that I have to share with them. You can see, they’re as functional as they’re lovely. They’re holding all my favorite necklaces, including a paper one that Logan’s little sister made for me, along with different notes and my travel itinerary for my upcoming visit to NYC (which makes me think that maybe I should add the Metro card I kept have from my last trip to NYC because it’s still got a ride or two on it and won’t expire until November).

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