Teaser to my NYC Trip

Last fall Saundra told me it was always more obvious how much I missed the city (New York City, that is) the closer that we got to it because I’d talk about it more. The nearer we were, the more I couldn’t resist telling stories about living there or discussing its personality. I’ve been noticing this happening again the closer my trip gets. I’ve done my best to keep you out of it. With my trip just one week away now, I can’t help but gush a little.

A week from tonight I’ll be landing in JFK Airport and spending five days in the city visiting friends and attending a wedding. I’m looking forward to it like you look forward to seeing a close friend. Not to say that I’m not aching to see Hilary and Ben and my other actually friends there. I certainly am. But the city herself has a draw on me like no place I’ve ever lived.

By the end of last week, I was already starting to lay out potential outfits to bring with me. I’ve been breaking in a pair of comfortable flats and breaking my feet back into some of my favorite heels simply for the sake of the city. Let me tell you, I normally never even think about what I’ll bring with me this far from a trip. Usually, I’m the girl who packs the night before with whatever clean clothes are in my closet and the shoes I bring are the ones on my feet. Not for this trip.

I’d say it’s simply a symptom of my mounting impatience to be back on her streets but it’s also a symptom of the city. I doubt there are many places where fashion matters more than NYC. A large aspect of her that I’m longing for is the visual gratification. From the style to the cityscape. My wardrobe can hardly compete right now. Still, I can’t help but try.

I’ve used this image from The Sartorialist because he does such an excellent job of capturing what this city is like outside of Time Square.

I’ll stop myself from going on more for now. Let this be a warning that next week you might have to endure pictures of my luggage and from here on out I might keep referencing the city. But I’ll try my best to contain myself.

3 thoughts on “Teaser to my NYC Trip

      1. That’s such a perfect way to word it! My heart does sing for NYC. :) Isn’t so incredible how much just these places mean to us? No streets feel so much like home to me as the streets of NYC. I never thought that would be true.

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