A Tale of Two Sneakers

My laptop inexplicably decided to stop charging on Tuesday. ‘Til I resolve the problem (which is probably going to involve me taking apart my computer and replacing the power jack-you can tell I’m the daughter of an IT guy right?), I’m stuck borrowing my dad’s. It’s lucky for me that I can use his computer but I feel a little at a loss without my own. As if my creative juices need to be greeted by a more beautiful background image and are reliant on the “right” feeling of keys beneath my fingers (I know, I’m a little ridiculous).

Yesterday, I tried to write a witty and interesting post for you all about casual sex and chastity but I couldn’t bring it together quite as I wanted. I spent so much time on it that I got a little behind on my other projects for this week; as a result I’m tight on time today. When time is tight, the best option is always to tell a story. So, I’m going to introduce you to the new man in my life.

Before introducing you to him, I have to go back to middle school briefly. Back when we were living out in the country in Indiana. Stranded out in the sticks, there were very few people with style. All the guys at school fell into pretty much two categories: preppy or poor. There was one guy at my church who actually broke the mold. He was a few years older than me and played in the band. He had mild punk/indie style. What stood out the most were his shoes. These well loved, military blue suede Vans (I’m assuming now that they were Vans). They might sound simple but they really exuded personality. That was Frank. I totally had a crush on him. Well…on his shoes (even back then I made the distinction-his personality was a little on the muted side, which is not my thing).

You have to know about Frank and his shoes so you’ll understand me better when I tell you that I first realized this guy might have potential on account of his shoes. We’d chit chatted a little before then. I already had a sense that he liked me. I thought he was cute. But I was still on the fence. He hadn’t entirely made an impression yet. I also hadn’t noticed his shoes yet.

It was the Friday of Labor Day weekend and I was feeling stressed and spacey. Noel was in town and I was dog sitting a lovable but very neurotic little pug. I wasn’t in the mood to be working that night and I was stuck with a terrible talking demo. I was in the back of the store handing out coupons for paper plates and plastic silverware (totally lame!).

When I’m really not in a people mood, I have a tendency to spend my time mentally shoe shopping off the live models walking by. That’s when he walked up with these good looking, canvas-y orange and royal blue sneakers on and started chatting with me. I don’t always like loud shoes, especially on men, but I like these. They gave me a sense that when he’s not in his Meijer uniform (so…he might be a tad younger than me and be going to school and working at Meijer) he likes to look sharp. Most importantly, they have a lot of personality. I perked up a bit.

Despite not being in a tolerant mood to talk with most people, we talked along easily that evening. There was no small talk, we just talked like we already knew each other and were friends. This was as attractive as his shoes (easy, almost automatic connections are the best). Unlike Frank, he proved to have as much personality as his sneakers.

That’s when I finally learned his name (which I’m still withholding until this is a little less new). Throughout the rest of my shift he kept dropping by to talk. When we weren’t talking, I followed his shoes with my eyes (I said I was in a spacey mood right? And I find bright, beautiful colors calming). It was an evening that reminded me of the first night Julie and I clicked, when I knew she’d become my best friend. From that moment on, I had a sense he might become the next leading man in my life.

I don’t really notice his shoes anymore. He stands out much more than they do. But I wasn’t wrong that they were a sign that he’s got style. (On our second date we went shopping, I’ve never had that much fun looking at and trying on clothes with a guy, and I’ve gone shopping a lot with guys…but that’s a story for another time). And personality.

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