Long time no see! Well, that’s how it feels. My Dad was teasing me last night that I must have a fever when I admitted that I’ve been silent this week because I don’t have something burning on my mind to write about. Truthfully, I’ve needed some time to mentally and emotionally decompress from last month’s stress. I’ve also been a little too lost in my own thoughts to let you all in.

After church last Sunday, I headed to the home of a family I was close to in high school. What was meant to be just an afternoon chatting over lunch turned into a day and a half of good conversations. We caught up on our lives. We discussed our favorite tv shows (like Merlin).  We talked about faith and politics. And relationships. We talked a lot about relationships. Since I got home, very early Tuesday morning, I’ve been sorting through all of it and letting the different changes in my life sink in.

Hopefully, next week I’ll be back to my usual chattily reflective self with a few fun stories to share. For now, I’ll leave you with a nice little piece of wisdom from pinterest.

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