Christmas Cheer: Snowflakes and Singing

White Christmas

Jack Frost and Father Winter have finally visited!

Just two days before I head down south for the holiday, we’ve had a nice, thick snowfall. Waking up to a lovely winter wonderland helped to ease the fact that my mother is still in the hospital, still feeling miserable and, the last I’ve heard, still not eating solid food. My dad and I are choosing to remain optimistic that she’ll fly out with us Sunday evening.

The next two days are going to be extremely busy for me as I wrap up Christmas shopping  and baking as well as finish freelance projects. Since I assume that many of you will be as busy as me, I’m going to be keeping my posts light. Today, true to the spirit of this season, I’d like to introduce you to one of my friends and give you a beautiful Christmas song, “Sing Us Awake” by Kelsey Rottiers & the Rising Tide.

It is a lovely song with lyrics written and sung by my college friend Kelsey Rottiers. I met her my freshman year, when she was close friends with my roommate. She became one of those friends who I rarely saw but, when we ran into each other, we almost always had a meaningful conversation. The fact that I consider her a friend and not merely an acquaintance says a lot about the quality of those conversations (I’m ever so choosy about how I use that term). It’s been a pleasure watching her grow as a musician throughout the last seven years.

On her website, her music is accurately described as a fusion of “folk and indie substance with a pop simplicity that will linger in your mind like a brilliant sunset.” I recently came across a review of her on DJ Toaster Biscuit’s blog that likened her to Fionna Apple and Ani DiFranco with very unique songs that and “are full of well versed lyrics.” If you enjoy this song, I recommend listening to more of her music at Kelsey Rottiers or finding her on ReverbNationTumblrFaceBook, and YouTube.

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