Crushing Like a Teenager

I’ve been meaning to write a post for you that’s as serious as the last. There are a number of different topics that I’ve been mentally composing my thoughts on. None have materialized because I’ve been a little too absorbed in my latest crush. It’s a job crush.

Last Wednesday, just before heading off to the Detroit Auto Show, I had a phone interview for a job in higher education that went remarkably well. Before that conversation, my feelings about the position had been lukewarm. The more I learned about the details of the job and the university I’d be working for, the more enamored I became. My interviewer seemed to be similarly enamored with my potential for the position. She very eagerly invited me in for a face-to-face interview this Monday.

I spent the time leading up to my second interview like a teenager in the throws of an intense crush. Thursday, when I had a nice chunk of time that I’d intended to use to write you, I played dress up instead. I planned out outfits I could wear to work and dreamed up how I’d like my style to evolve. Of course, I also picked out the outfit for my face-to-face. I kept losing time daydreaming about this job.

I know that you aren’t supposes to get this attached to a prospective job. There is such a high potential of rejection at this point that you should curb your enthusiasm. That’s not especially easy for me with any job (unless I don’t really want the position).

After an equally positive face-to-face interview yesterday, I’m absolutely radiating with anticipation. It’ll be another week or so until I know one way or the other. While I left the campus even more excited than I’d arrived, I also left inspired and encouraged. Much like a positive dating experience, it left me feeling desirable and confident I have a lot to offer. That alone is worth all of the emotional energy I’ve been burning, even if I don’t happen to get this particular position.

I am going to try harder to focus my energy back towards you and share more thoughtful musings soon.

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