Let’s Catch Up!

It’s been way too long since we really chatted! There are lots of questions I feel like I need to answer for you. Like, Why the heck have I only been posting like two blogs a month?! And whatever happened with my career hunt?! How it is that we’re over half way through Lent and I haven’t even written about it once?!  And, for those of you who also follow me on facebook, Why do I keep posting statuses about online dating?! It’s about time that I gave you some answers.

I tend to scapegoat a lot of things when I’m being uncommunicative: boredom, laziness, writer’s block, etc. Usually, the truth is that it comes down to one thing: I’m keeping something BIG from you (because I’m not ready to share it yet). Since that thing is typically eating up a lot of my time and energy, I just don’t have much leftover to share with you. That BIG thing through the last few months has been my developing career.

Back in January, I let you know that I was searching for a career job that would challenge me and get me out of my apartment more. I let some of my thrill at the hunt come out near the end of that month, after getting home from a good interview. Overall, I tried to shield you from experiencing the rollercoaster of my emotions.

Career hunting for me is a lot like crushing. One week I’m be totally convinced that some job is THE ONE. I come up with a bunch of reasons why we’re perfect for each other. I envision myself in the position and imagine our future together. Then, before I even hear back, I’m over it. I brush off rejections like I was completely complacent from the start. My close friends and family have a hard enough time dealing with all of these ups-and-downs. I thought it was best to spare you.

That hunt has now come to an end.

In the midst of looking elsewhere for a career, I was invited to interview for the position of Event Coordinator within the company that I have been doing demos. My supervisor, who I began filling in for in January when she left on a medical leave, had recommended me. Though I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay within this company, or industry, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I went to the interview.

Lightning didn’t exactly strike but it went undeniably well. During the interview, I began to realize how much I wanted this job over all of the opportunities in higher education that I’d been pursuing. That weekend, I also had the chance to coordinate a large event at my store. After that, I knew this was what I wanted. (You all may not know this but, back in college, I planned and ran many events as a student organization president. During my masters, I had an internship in programming and leadership. In other words, I have a lot of experience coordinating events and acting as a supervising. I forgot just how much I love pulling off a successful event until that weekend.)

During the weeks following that interview, as I waited to hear back, I felt like a love-sick teenager. I tried to continuing hunting, just encase I didn’t get it, but it was impossible to get my heart back into the game. Thankfully, I was offered the job around the middle of February. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops but I was asked to keep it quiet until an official announcement was made to my staff (which they finally did yesterday).

One of the appealing aspects of this job is that it’s just 30 hours a week. Leaving me time to continue my freelance writing (something I’m really not willing to entirely give up-though I haven’t been focusing much on it lately). Training for this new job, taking on new responsibilities, and being much too hard on myself for not already being absolutely perfect, has been pretty consuming for the last few weeks. On my time off, I’ve been pretty useless (during that first week of training I may or may not have watched all 4 seasons of BBC’s “Being Human” on Netflix). I’m beginning to feel more like I can breathe this week. While I’ve still got a lot going on, I’m planning to pencil in more time for us.

So there you have it. Finally, some answers for you! Now you know why I’ve been so quiet and what became of my career hunt. This is also why I haven’t commented on Lent. Lent is a season of contemplation. For me, this season is about doing more than thinking. That last question…I’ll save the answer for another day. It’s worth its own post. Until then…

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