I’m thrilled that we’re finally into December because I can publicly come out of the closet and celebrate the approach of Christmas! The truth is that my Christmas season started early in November when my hunt for meaningful/whimsical Christmas presents got serious.

I haven’t gotten really into the Christmas spirit very much over the last few years. I was too poor and too busy in grad school. Last year I was too worried about my mother, who spent the whole month in and out of the hospital due to complications from having her gallbladder taken out.

This year, my family is well and I’ve got some extra cash along with a more flexible schedule. Though my Christmas budget isn’t especially large, since I started my Christmas preparations early, I have had more time to stretch out my spending and start making meaningful homemade gifts.

Something I’ve been reminded of in the process is how hunting for good Christmas presents gets me in the holiday spirit.

It is no surprise to me that gifting is considered a love language. When you’re actively hunting for meaningful gifts, the people you love are frequently on your mind. You spend more time musing over what they enjoy, what they are passionate about. When you’re browsing in stores, instead of just thinking about if this or that suits your taste, you mull over if it reflects the style or personality of one of your friends. If you’re a crafter or artists, you find yourself thinking about ways that you can bring beauty into the world, even if in the simplest way, for their benefit. In other words, gifting becomes a way of actively loving other people both in thought and in deed.

Love is what Christmas is all about (okay, and hope but that’s for another post). It makes perfect sense that giving gifts is an integral part of Christmas.

I will admit that giving gifts is my natural love language. The gifts I love giving and receiving are those that display the thought that went into their selection/creation. This Christmas season, I am embracing my passion for meaningful gifting and inviting you to join me.

Feature image by Kari Shea.

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