What do you do when your lease is running out and you are out of a job? You embark on an adventure. Well…that’s at least what I decided to do.

In mid-February, as the experiential marketing company I worked for prepared to close their doors, I was laid off. If you follow me on instagram you might remember this selfie from my last day. I was awash with a chaotic mixture of emotions: resignation, sorrow, fear, excitement, confusion… With only 2 weeks notice before I was laid-off and lots to do during those last weeks, I barely felt like I could catch my breath–let alone start thinking ahead–until my first jobless weekend.

As a long-time believer in signs, I felt that my lay off was a pretty strong sign that it was time for me to leave Michigan. All my friends there knew I hadn’t stopped missing the east coast. Even when I was happy, I still struggled with the feeling that moving back after graduating from Fordham had been the biggest mistake of my life so far (yes, I am that dramatic). My feeling that it was time to leave was confirmed further as my job hunting efforts in Michigan were consistently met with silence. During my last 2 1/2 months, I tried to see as many friends as possible while simultaneously trying to figure out a low-budget exit strategy as the end of April approached.

Just a couple weeks before I needed to move out, everything fell into place. My favorite former client reached out to me with a new freelance copywriting project–perfect timing since it’s hard to collect unemployment when you don’t have a home address. Two of my best friends–one in Farmington, New Mexico and the other in Stamford, Connecticut–invited me to stay with them for a while. One of my aunt’s offered to take my car, which is nearing the end of its usable life and quickly declined this winter so that now it’s only roadworthy for driving around town, off my hands. Then I found a dirt cheap plane ticket from Detroit to New Mexico and then from there to the east coast.

One month ago today, exhausted and sleep deprived from packing up my apartment, throwing most of my stuff in storage, and struggling to fit everything I couldn’t part with into suitcases, I boarded an insanely early flight headed to Albuquerque, NM. This last month homeless and jobless has been quite an adventure. God keeps surprising me with little blessings almost everyday. I’ll tell you more about all of that soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with some of the pictures that didn’t make it on Instagram.

To keep up to date on this adventure, feel free to follow me on Instagram.

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