What energizes you?

My answer to that question is what inspired me to launch out on my own as a management coach, full-stack marketer, and content creator. 

What makes me excited to get up in the morning is the challenge of solving new problems creatively. I’m energized when I collaborate with solopreneurs, artists and small businesses to help them achieve their goals. That’s why I choose to devote my time to coaching, providing marketing services and managing events.

My Story

I was asked that pivotal question when I was the acting operations director for a small media company. The company had been failing when my bosses–two aspiring venture capitalists–bought it out. It landed on my desk because I had the capacity for it and a dynamic skill-set. Even though it was well outside of my job description, as the Outreach & Engagement Specialist for another business they owned, I took it on. It quickly became my passion project.

To get the company back on its feet, I had to take on multiple roles. I simultaneously acted as the Art Director, Marketing Manager, Customer Service Rep, Tech Support, CRM & Website Database Manager, and Accounts Receivable Specialist. I built a strong relationship with the publication’s head editor, reporters, the new sales manager, and customers.

Within 6 months, I had increased sales by 399%. I had develop an efficient subscription renewal system that increased monthly revenue by nearly 40% on average. Their customer satisfaction and communication systems had also improved dramatically.

Wearing all of the hats the job required came naturally to me. I found my way into marketing and management after nearly 5 years leading student leaders, student organizations and events in college and graduate school. All of my student roles had required marketing savvy, excellent communication, and management chops. Over the following decade, I had been a successful Field Marketing Manager, Store Manager, and Account Coordinator. I had landed in the job that I was in because of my track record producing results for clients, companies and organizations both online and offline.

By the time my projects for the media company were wrapping up, I was ready for a bigger challenge. That’s when I met up with a friend to brainstorm my next step and she posed that pivotal question. Soon after our conversation, I branched out on my own to work directly with clients like you!

Are you ready to go farther together?


  • 10+ years of experience managing digital, print and experiential marketing programs.
  • Nearly 10 years of experience building and managing teams in an agency setting, retail and university environments, and in the field.
  • Coordinated successful events and trade show booths for household brands such as Kraft, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Meijer. 
  • Developed educational workshops, seminars and programs for universities, community organizations, and businesses. 
  • Trained and coached new leaders, event staff and brand ambassadors. 
  • A M.A. in Humanities & Sciences from Fordham University and B.A. in Philosophy & Worldview Studies from Cornerstone University.

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